Numbers Game – Numberama 2 | The Number Puzzle 1.27.1 APK with MOD

Numbers Game – Numberama 2 APK with MOD

Numbers Game – Numberama 2 APK Download with MOD Free

Numbers Game – Numberama 2 Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Numbers Game – Numberama 2 updated.

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Game Numbers Game – Numberama 2
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Numbers Game – Numberama 2 – This is the new and improved version of Numbers Game! The classic time killer with well-known rules enriched with many new features.

Some of you may still know the Numbers Game from school or university when you might have played it with paper and pen. Now “Numbers Game – Numberama 2” is also available as an app for your smartphone. A classic brain game for everyone.

In this logic game you have to cross out all the numbers or digits on the playing field. Two numbers can be crossed out, if the numbers are equal, or add up to ten. For example, 7 and 3, 9 and 1, or 6 and 6.
The two numbers have to be side by side or on top of each other. The right side of the board wraps around to the left side, so numbers on the right side are next to the numbers on the left, but one row down. The two numbers can have crossed-out numbers between them.
If you cannot or do not want to cross out any more numbers and you do not want to use Boosts, you then press “Check”. All the numbers remaining on the board are then copied after the existing numbers and the game continues.

There are three different modes:
– Level: Solve level after level with increasing difficulty
– Quick: The classic version of the numbers game with some features that speed up the game
– Mode Builder: Create your own mode

In each mode there are the following features:
– “Undo”: Undo the last move (for 3 coins each you can also undo several moves in a row)
– “Help”: Have a possible combination shown or get the info that there are no more number pairs
– “Cross”: For 5 coins you can strike through any single number
– “Restart”: Start the game from the beginning or start a new game
– “Boosts – Shuffle”: For 15 coins you can shuffle all the numbers on the board
– “Boosts – Clear 30%”: For 15 coins you can remove 30% of all crossed out numbers
– “Boosts – Clear all”: For 25 coins you can remove ALL crossed out numbers
– “Statistics”: The playing time and statistics for the current playing field are displayed
– AutoClean: Empty lines are removed automatically
– Automatic save/load
– Playable, without having to make in-app purchases
– No ads
– Minimum required permissions
– Google Play Games Services for leaderboards and saved games

What are these coins?
The coins are an app-internal currency. With these you can use some of the features mentioned above. Coins can be obtained by solving games (the amount depends on the mode) or by buying them in the shop. You can find the shop in the main menu.

Improvements compared to the first version
– Level Mode!
– Mode Builder Mode!
– Boosts: Shuffle all numbers or remove some/all crossed out numbers
– Possible to cross out single numbers
– Possible to undo a move after deleting a line
– Possible to automatically scroll to the combination found by “Help”
– You can use icons rather than numbers
– Improved instruction
– Improved color picker
– Better performance

Some modes can be very difficult, and the time to complete the game depends on how you choose the pairs to cross out. Sometimes one game can take hours. But you can cross out all the numbers in almost all cases, but you might need some patience (or use a Boost).

If you want an introduction to the game from a skilled user’s point of view, I can recommend (note that this is for version 1, but the gameplay is the same).

Try this unique number puzzle now and try to cross out all the numbers! Numbers Game Numberama 2 is completely ad-free, you won’t find any ads, and it takes up little memory space. Also known as Take Ten, 10 Seeds, Numberzilla or Numbers it is a great alternative to the well-known numbers or puzzle games like Sudoku, Nonogram, 2048, other number puzzles, or crossword puzzles – a patience game for everyone. The best time killer and brain game ever!

For help with translations or improving the game please send me an email.

– Fix: Improved loading of large boards
– Change: Disabled “Search combination only behind clicked number” by default and add a setting for it instead
– Feature: Add new levels
– Feature: More infos how to use the app for new users
– Fix: Fix bug with dark mode
– Feature: Added additional information when already solved level is solved again
– Feature: You can now set the colors in the settings with the Hex-Code
– Feature: Added new language: russian

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