Citampi Stories Love Life RPG 1.70.315r APK with MOD

Citampi Stories Offline Love and Life Sim RPG APK with MOD

Citampi Stories: Offline Love and Life Sim RPG APK Download with MOD Free

Citampi Stories: Offline Love and Life Sim RPG Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Citampi Stories: Offline Love and Life Sim RPG updated.

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Game Citampi Stories: Offline Love and Life Sim RPG
Category Role Playing
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Citampi Stories: Offline Love and Life Sim RPG – You can now plant and harvest fruits and vegetables on your garden, craft various items, snag a treasure from the water, and pray in the mosque or church!
New analog/virtual joystick control!
Girls and new area! Update: We added 3 new girls that you can date, marry, and have family with: The happy-go-lucky Citra, the serious and artsy Jessica and the bookworm beauty Tasya. Find them in the all-new Area 5, with new fast-food restaurants and book stores.
Baby update! Discover the quest to have a baby after your happy marriage. Find the items and build a perfect baby furnitures for your child, be there when your wife is pregnant with your child, and be there for her while she is at the doctor checkup and in the operating room at the hospital
So much things to do in this game! You can scavenge for do wacky jobs, trash, fish and look for treasures in waters, farm and harvest fruits and vegetables, craft items, barters items, do quests, approach girl, date and marry her, have a house! Have a child! Do quests, train to increase your skills, change costumes and vehicles, get to know and help people, and more!

Your parents are in debt, and you have only 10 weeks to pay it off! If it fails, then you must marry the awful-looking loan shark’s daughter. Ugh!
The only way out is to travel to the city of Citampi, find work there and send the money to your parents.

But you’d never expect that you found so much more there! Friendship, adventure, stories, love, relationship, family, and more!

Can you live and work there? Can you make friends with the people you meet in Citampi? Can you give up your single life, date girls and get your true love there? Can you build your family, get married and have a baby?

Find the answers in this Love and Life Role-Play-Game game:
* 8 bit Life Pixel art RPG Simulation Game game with anime style story scenes, just like in visual novels!

* Authentic stories inspired by daily modern life with professions such as clothing store owner, recycling man, store cashier, government worker, security guard, blogger, online transport, cafe and more.

* Offline game! No need to be online for this game to run

* NPCs with different characters and personalities with their own stories to tell

* Extensive environment. Explore all the digital places in Citampi and find all the opportunities, quests, cutscenes and moments

* Relaxing and free lifestyle sandbox gameplay. Discover things and do whatever you like.

* Day cycles and building shifts, the characters have their own schedules and timelines. See sun light on daytime, and moon light and lamps on nighttime.

* Buy gifts and various things for your friends to earn their friendship.

* Discover your true love! Approach the cutest girl and marry her.

* Romantic story line chapters. Experience the love at first sight when you first met her, have an unforgettable first date, marry her in the most romantic ceremony ever, and have a loving family with a cute baby and raise children together.

* So many things to do! Farm! Craft! Hunt treasures! Pray! Train! Study! Scavenge! Fish! Costumes! Vehicles! Enhance your abilities, finish quests and more!

* Think of other creative ways to make money! Find items in trash cans and fish in the rivers around Citampi. Get treasures from the waters. Care and harvest your plants. Craft your items. Pray for fortune and happiness! Help citizens of Citampi and receive rewards! Be a tycoon!

* Multiple endings! Find different endings and various kinds of stories that are on Citampi

* A lot of easter eggs: Places and names full of parodies! Can you find everything?

* Data saved online

Find love and and have a fulfilling life in Citampi!
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