Word Surf Word Game 3.2.7 APK with MOD

Word Surf – Word Game APK with MOD

Word Surf – Word Game APK Download with MOD Free

Word Surf – Word Game Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Word Surf – Word Game updated.

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Game Word Surf – Word Game
Category Word
Users Vote 148487

Word Surf – Word Game – Word Surf is a Creative & Brand-New word search game with mind challenging puzzles. Find the hidden words inside word blocks and swipe them to crush down! A new free crossword game for daily brain training with your friends and family.


• Swipe to reveal hidden words inside word blocks
• Words will crush down after you swipe the correct letters
• New hidden words will be formed after letters collapse
• Search and find words, crush them all and solve puzzles
• Easy at first but challenging fast


Word Surf presents brand-new gameplay if you are bored of classic word swipe games. Experience the addicting, brain-challenging gameplay that is loved by word game players.


• Each puzzle has a subject. You can use it to find related words and solve the puzzle.
• Puzzle will evolve as you find and crush the words.
• Hundreds of levels and thousands of words are waiting for you.
• Fill your Word Bucket by finding extra words and earn coins.
• You can use Shuffle and Search buttons when you get stuck!

Do you like playing word games with your friends and family? Do you want to be a real word search master?
Don’t hesitate and download it! Start playing the most addictive word search game for FREE!

App musics have been taken from bensound.com, zapsplat.com

Word Surf – Word Game Screenshot

Word Surf - Word Game  screenshots 1

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Words Out 1.1.15 APK with MOD

Words Out APK with MOD

Words Out APK Download with MOD Free

Words Out Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Words Out updated.

( )

Game Words Out
Category Word
Users Vote 888

Words Out – “Words Out” is a word gameplay that put to the test your spelling and vocabulary skills


The game consists of using the 4 rows of the board to line up cards in order to make words of 3 letters or more.

Once a new word is displayed on the board and valided by the dictionary, the player can cash out the points or trying to make a longer word

And the more points he will cash out and the more he will reach the target score fixed to him at each level.

But watch out! … No right to make mistakes!
If the player makes a word that the dictionary does not know, it is “game over”!
The player must start all over again to succeed his level!


it’s starts off easy but it’s gets challenging fast !

As an apprentice, the player will easily pass the 1st levels by making words of 3, 4 or 5 letters.

Then he will have to be a little bit more focus !!!


Throughout the game boosters cards will help you cross the difficulty levels :

The Wildcard, The Green Card; The Red Card; The Blue Card etc.

But you will also have to beware of danger cards …

The Bomb Card, The Trash Card…

The way you will manage those boosters and dangers will add an extra layer of strategy to entertain you until you ‘ll reach level 300 and the hall of fame !


“Words out” is based on the most classic and simple gameplay of solitaire that is perfectly tailored for coffee break, in the subway or even in boring meetings!

“Words out” will provide hours of entertainment for you and your whole family.
Integration of Open Biding

Words Out Screenshot

Words Out  screenshots 1

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Word Farm Adventure Free Word Game 5.6.0 APK with MOD

Word Farm Adventure Free Word Game APK with MOD

Word Farm Adventure: Free Word Game APK Download with MOD Free

Word Farm Adventure: Free Word Game Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Word Farm Adventure: Free Word Game updated.

( )

Game Word Farm Adventure: Free Word Game
Category Word
Users Vote 6560

Word Farm Adventure: Free Word Game – Save the farm animals on this Free word scrabble puzzle game!

In our new challenging and super fun word game for adults and kids, you will word swipe your way into becoming the beloved hero of the farm.

Unlike other word puzzle games, Word Farm Adventure is not just about solving cross word puzzles for free – it is also about enjoying a great story while fighting the evil forces that want to destroy the farm.
So let’s get going, fast – the animals need you at your best!
In this free challenging word game, you will:

🧩 Solve Word Puzzles! 🧩
Solve crossword puzzles, word find challenges, word scramble missions, word swipe scrabble quests, and more challenges for your brain.

🦸 Become the Farm’s Hero! 🦸
Unveil the story of Perry the Parrot, Rex the Dog, and the other farm heroes on their adventure in this awesome word puzzle game!

🧱 Renovate and Design! 🧱
Fix, build, paint and design your farm just like on other games – but with a twist…

The farm needs a hero, and you are that hero. So join our puzzle adventure now, and get ready to save the farm!

🌟 Game Highlights 🌟

It’s time to skip those ordinary scrabble games and crossword puzzles. Join us on the farm! The Word Farm Adventure game offers so much more than a word search!

To solve each level, you need to complete a word puzzle by connecting the letters and spelling words that fit perfectly into the crossword puzzle blocks.

After you solve each puzzle of words, you’ll be rewarded with coins and shovels to help you complete missions and restore the farm to its glory days. Once you help the animals rebuild the farm and prove to uncle Jeff that it’s worth saving, you’ll venture on to the county fair.

Long ago, the animals built the fair to prove to uncle Jeff that the farm could turn a profit. The fair was once a place filled with fun and laughter, but it’s been neglected. It’s up to you to redesign and renovate the fairgrounds so everyone can come back and enjoy the atmosphere.

Now, like any farm, there’s always more work to be done! The once extravagant farmhouse is in complete disrepair, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Keep solving word puzzles and earning shovels so you can redesign the farmhouse and make it beautiful again! Continue playing and you’ll keep discovering more of the story and additional areas of the farm that need your help.

Every level of this exciting free word game is more challenging than the last so get ready for hours of fun with your new farm animal friends.

If you’re ever having trouble solving a word puzzle, tap on the fireworks or hammer to reveal puzzle letters, or blast away an entire word with dynamite. Don’t forget that the magic wand is also only a tap away.

Visit the farm for daily puzzles. Don’t miss out on each month’s special event because you’ll never experience the same one twice! This brings a whole new challenge to puzzle word games!

If you enjoy word search games, crossword puzzles, or scrabble, you’ll love playing Word Farm Adventure.

Download and play our word game today!

Word Farm Adventure is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

Questions? Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to [email protected]

Want to enjoy exclusive bonuses, meet other word puzzle enthusiasts, and dive deeper into the Van Der Farm story? Let’s connect!
Bug fixes and game improvements. Enjoy!

Word Farm Adventure: Free Word Game Screenshot

Word Farm Adventure: Free Word Game  screenshots 1

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Crossword Puzzle Free 1.4.5 APK with MOD

Crossword Puzzle Free APK with MOD

Crossword Puzzle Free APK Download with MOD Free

Crossword Puzzle Free Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Crossword Puzzle Free updated.

( )

Game Crossword Puzzle Free
Category Word
Users Vote 102202

Crossword Puzzle Free – Solve thousands of crossword puzzles from indie and industry leader crossword constructors for free, no subscription required!

Crossword Puzzle Free by Redstone, also known as “The crossword lovers dream app,” delivers the best crossword solving experience on mobile devices, providing users with fresh content and a well-designed user interface.

Download our app today and join the crowd! You can solve all crosswords offline, and new packs of puzzles in four difficulty levels are frequently released. Improve your vocabulary daily, learn new words, challenge yourself and have fun with the best crossword game for Android!


A crossword is a word puzzle that normally takes the form of a square or a rectangular grid of white and black shaded squares. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving clues that lead to the answers. In languages that are written left-to-right, the answer words and phrases are placed in the grid from left to right and from top to bottom. The shaded squares are used to separate the words or phrases.

Access free crossword puzzles across all your devices! Just download the app and solve all puzzles on your mobile phone or tablet.

American-style crossword puzzles to download and add to your collection. New packs in four difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard) arrive every week!

– Smart Look Up: get word suggestions when you have trouble with tricky clues.
– Dark Mode: use the dark color scheme for improved visual comfort, and have a great crossword solving experience at night or in low-light environments.
– Multi-word Entry Hints: optionally see whether an answer consists of two or more words.
– Smart Step: skip filled cells when navigating through the puzzle.
– Lock Completed Words: keep letters that are guessed correctly locked, so you don’t accidentally erase them as you are guessing and erasing tangent words.
– Incorrect Puzzle Assistance: reminds you when the puzzle is filled but has incorrect cells.
– Help: reveal letters, words or the entire puzzle in case you get stuck.
– Show Errors: highlight the incorrect letters.
– Clear Errors: easily remove all incorrect letters.
– Offline Mode: puzzles available even when you don’t have an Internet connection.
– Polished User Interface: easy and modern way to navigate through the puzzle cells and clues.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in the crossword puzzles contained in this application are solely those of the original authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Redstone Games (REDSTONE GAMES LTDA – ME) or any employee thereof.

We are always seeking to improve the app, and support for more constructors should be available soon! We are proud to announce that we currently provide crossword puzzles from Brendan Emmett Quigley, Sid Sivakumar, Will Nediger, Fred Piscop, Mark McClain, Andrew Ries, Brad Wilber, Robin Stears, Bonnie L. Gentry, Frank Virzi, Paolo Pasco, Ross Trudeau, Matthew Stock, David Alfred Bywaters, Jessica Goldstein, Myles Mellor, Richard Allen, Dave Diebold, David Gold, Martina Waluk, Adam Nicolle, Patricia Wells, Larry Harrington, Rob Gonsalves & Jennifer Lim, May Huang & Kevin Trickey, Greg Johnson, Steve Faiella, Steve Mossberg, Trent H. Evans, Kurt Siefken, Kevin K. Ferland, Brian Gubin, Barbara Olson, Jon Dunbar, Lloyd Morgan, Lex Friedman, Billy Bratton, Bennie McElhaney, Dylan Thomas, Mason Fleming, Max Sherer, Clarity Media, and Peter Sharp.

Feedback? Suggestions? Issues? Please contact us at [email protected] or from within the app itself. Your feedback is important to us, and we’ll do our best to assist you.
* The classic ‘Show Errors’ option with the red cell background is back. Now you can choose one of the four configurations:
– OFF: Incorrect letters are not highlighted.
– ON: Incorrect letters are shown in red.
– ON + Strikethrough: Incorrect letters are shown in red + strikethrough.
– ON + Background: Incorrect letters are shown on red background.
* Improved support for Minis (5×5 puzzles).
* User Interface improvements.

Thanks for all your great feedback – please keep it coming!

Crossword Puzzle Free Screenshot

Crossword Puzzle Free  screenshots 1

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五七五オンライン 1.5.1 APK with MOD

APK with MOD

五七五オンライン APK Download with MOD Free

五七五オンライン Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of 五七五オンライン updated.

( )

Game 五七五オンライン
Category Word
Users Vote 2532

五七五オンライン – 「五七五オンライン」は誰かとマッチングして一緒に五七五を詠むオンラインゲームです。


“5755 online” is an online game where you match and match with someone and write 5757 together.
Write one phrase by writing the upper phrase, the middle phrase, and the lower phrase alternately.
Make good works and aim for the top ranking!

▼ The way is easy!
Install and press “Everyone” to start matching!
Let’s sing a phrase in cooperation with the matched opponent.

▼ One phrase in the title
“Theme is a phrase”, where themes change regularly!
Let’s sing seasonal topics with 575!

五七五オンライン Screenshot

五七五オンライン  screenshots 1

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4 pics 1 word 6.2 APK with MOD

4 pics 1 word APK with MOD

4 pics 1 word APK Download with MOD Free

4 pics 1 word Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of 4 pics 1 word updated.

( )

Game 4 pics 1 word
Category Word
Users Vote 18814

4 pics 1 word – This game is suitable for the whole family, for fans of puzzles, rebuses and crosswords.

The rules are simple:
As soon as the game starts you will see 4 pictures and letters. Find the common idea among the photos – this is the word you are looking for. Enter it using the available characters.
If you have any problems, use the hints!

Here you will find a fun game:
– A beautiful and user friendly interface
– There are daily bonuses
– Witty quotations after each victory
– There are questions of different complexity
– The game is suitable for whole family
– The game is free
– Regular level updates
– Optimized for phones and tablets
– Fixed bugs
– Optimized apps

4 pics 1 word Screenshot

4 pics 1 word screenshots 1

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Word Search Free word games. Snaking puzzles 2.1.8 APK with MOD

Word Search – Free word games. Snaking puzzles APK with MOD

Word Search – Free word games. Snaking puzzles APK Download with MOD Free

Word Search – Free word games. Snaking puzzles Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Word Search – Free word games. Snaking puzzles updated.

( )

Game Word Search – Free word games. Snaking puzzles
Category Word
Users Vote 1410

Word Search – Free word games. Snaking puzzles – This free word search game will allow you to play in word games for adults and kids in english and other languages in endless mode.
Snaking word search puzzle game is a crossword puzzle where you need to combine adjacent letters into words.

Main features:
★ Word search in an unlimited number of game levels
★ Unlimited hints make word search easy
★ Suitable for both small phones and large phones and tablets
★ Simple, beautiful and intuitive interface
★ Works quickly on any device
★ Ability to track game progress
★ Ability to stop and resume game at any time
★ Absolutly free word games
★ Search more than 4000 words
★ Other languages: Russian, Ukrainian
Added Polish and Italian

Word Search – Free word games. Snaking puzzles Screenshot

Word Search - Free word games. Snaking puzzles  screenshots 1

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Слова из Слова 20.2 APK with MOD

APK with MOD

Слова из Слова APK Download with MOD Free

Слова из Слова Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Слова из Слова updated.

( )

Game Слова из Слова
Category Word
Users Vote 219954

Слова из Слова – ❤️ Слова из Слова — сборник популярных словесных игр для Android на русском языке в замечательном бумажном стиле, включающий в себя основную часть в виде 96 основных и 96 бонусных уровней, а также интеллектуальные мини-игры: филворды, виселица, кроссворд и балда! Играть в Слова из Слова можно абсолютно бесплатно и без интернета.

✅ Правила игры просты и многим знакомы с детства. Вам дается некоторое слово, необходимо составить все возможные комбинации из имеющихся букв. Разрешается использовать только нарицательные существительные в единственном числе (либо множественном, если слово не имеет единственного числа). За составленные слова вам начисляются подсказки, которыми вы можете воспользоваться, чтобы угадать оставшиеся слова по буквам. Интерес к игре подогревает глобальная система наград и рейтингов, а также постепенно увеличивающаяся сложность.

✅ Игра в слова поможет вам провести время с пользой для ума, узнать новые слова и повысить эрудицию. Если вы любите разгадывать сканворды, ребусы и головоломки, участвовать в викторинах, то эта игра вам определенно понравится.

Основные особенности:
💲 игра полностью бесплатна
✔ оптимизирована для различных типов устройств
🔋 бережно расходует заряд батареи
🏆 таблица рекордов
🥇 награды за игровые достижения
💰 ежедневные бонусы за выполнение заданий
⚖ идеальный баланс сложности
🎨 полное погружение в игру благодаря бумажному стилю
🧠 головоломки отлично подходят для детей и взрослых
🎲 интеллектуальные мини-игры на русском языке не дадут вам заскучать
📡 можно играть без интернета
🎁 составь слова из букв на всех 192 уровнях
⚡️ угадай слово, чтобы получить подсказки
🔍 найди слова в онлайн-словаре, чтобы узнать их значение
👓 стань настоящим эрудитом!

Описание доступных мини-игр:
🧪 Филворды — словесная головоломка, в которой игрок должен найти все слова, спрятанные в квадратном поле состоящем из букв. Эта игра также известна как “венгерские кроссворды”, и очень похожа на игру “поиск слов”, за исключением того, что каждая буква может быть использована только один раз. Всего в филвордах 300 уровней составленных вручную, имеются подсказки по значению слова, а также по буквам.

☠️ Виселица — хорошо известная всем игра, в которой необходимо угадать слово за ограниченное количество попыток. Каждая правильно угаданная буква помогает вам угадать слово целиком, а использование буквы которой нет в слове приближает вас к проигрышу.

Кроссворд — мобильная адаптация знакомых кроссвордов. На каждом уровне игроку дается небольшой кроссворд и набор букв. Соединяя их при помощи линии нужно составить все загаданные слова. В сложной ситуации могут пригодиться подсказки, чтобы открыть букву или узнать значение спрятанного слова.

🤪 Балда! — словесная игра, в которую многие играли в детстве с друзьями на листочке бумаги, аналог “королевский квадрат” со слегка измененными правилами. Изначально игрокам дается квадратное поле с одним словом посередине. Дальше они по очереди составляют слова добавляя по одной букве на поле. Выигрывает тот, у кого суммарное количество букв во всех словах окажется больше.
Есть два режима:
• балда на двоих
• человек против Android
При выборе режима против Android есть возможность выбора сложности. Также можно ограничить время на ход, чтобы партия не затягивалась.

📧 Я постоянно занимаюсь доработкой игры, буду рад услышать ваши отзывы и пожелания: [email protected]
💻 Также вы можете связаться со мной зайдя на официальный сайт разработчика RedboxSoft©️ 2020 https://redboxsoft.com
❤️ Words from Word – a collection of popular word games for Android in Russian in a wonderful paper style, including the main part in the form of 96 basic and 96 bonus levels, as well as intelligent mini-games: filwords , gallows , crossword and dumbass! Play Words from the Word can be absolutely free and without the Internet.

✅ The rules of the game are simple and familiar to many from childhood. You are given a word, you need to make all possible combinations of the available letters. It is allowed to use only common nouns in the singular (or plural, if the word does not have a singular). For the words you compose, you are awarded hints that you can use to guess the remaining words by letter. The interest in the game is fueled by the global system of rewards and ratings, as well as the gradually increasing difficulty.

✅ A word game to help you spend time with the benefit of your mind, learn new words and increase your erudition. If you like to solve scanwords, rebuses and puzzles, participate in quizzes, then you will definitely like this game.

Key Features:
💲 the game is completely free
✔ optimized for various types of devices
🔋 conserves battery power
🏆 high score table
🥇 awards for in-game achievements
💰 daily bonuses for completing tasks
⚖ perfect balance of difficulty
🎨 full immersion in the game thanks to the paper style
🧠 puzzles are great for kids and adults
🎲 intelligent mini-games in Russian will not let you get bored
📡 can be played without internet
🎁 make words from letters in all 192 levels
⚡️ guess the word to get clues
🔍 search words in the online dictionary to find out their meaning
👓 become a real polymath!

Description of the available mini-games:
🧪 Fieldwords is a word puzzle in which the player must find all the words hidden in a square field of letters. This game is also known as “Hungarian crosswords” and is very similar to the “word search” game, except that each letter can only be used once. In total, there are 300 manual levels of filwords, there are hints for the meaning of a word, as well as for letters.

☠️ Hangman is a well-known game in which you need to guess a word in a limited number of attempts. Each correctly guessed letter helps you to guess the whole word, and using a letter that is not in the word brings you closer to losing.

Crossword – mobile adaptation of familiar crosswords. At each level, the player is given a small crossword puzzle and a set of letters. By connecting them with a line, you need to make up all the hidden words. In a difficult situation, hints can come in handy to open a letter or find out the meaning of a hidden word.

🤪 Balda! – a word game that many played in childhood with friends on a piece of paper, an analogue of the “royal square” with slightly changed rules. Initially, players are given a square board with one word in the middle. Then they take turns composing words by adding one letter per field. The winner is the one with the total number of letters in all words.
There are two modes:
• noodle for two
• man versus Android
When choosing a mode against Android, there is a choice of difficulty. You can also limit the time per move so that the game does not drag out.

📧 I am constantly improving the game, I will be glad to hear your feedback and wishes: [email protected]
💻 You can also contact me by going to the official website of the RedboxSoft developer © ️ 2020 https://redboxsoft.com

✅ Небольшие исправления отображения игры на планшетах.

Слова из Слова Screenshot

Слова из Слова  screenshots 1

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Jigsaw Crossword 3.1 APK with MOD

Jigsaw Crossword APK with MOD

Jigsaw Crossword APK Download with MOD Free

Jigsaw Crossword Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Jigsaw Crossword updated.

( )

Game Jigsaw Crossword
Category Word
Users Vote 1679

Jigsaw Crossword – Recreate a crossword with jigsaw pieces. The letters on the pieces help you complete the puzzle. Easy to use interface, drag and drop puzzle pieces across the screen.
This game is also known as pieceword, bits & pieces, jigcross, jigsnip and building blocks.
The words to find are in English, or you can play in 35 other languages.

• Play an unlimited number of different puzzles!!
• Multiple difficulty options. Play one of 10 built in difficulty levels, or use the custom mode to configure the difficulty of the game to exactly what you want
• Four different sizes of puzzle piece are possible
• Pieces can start outside the grid (classic version), or all are randomly placed on the grid and are then swapped to find the solution (ideal for smaller screens)
• Designed for fun games from the smallest mobile phones up to the largest tablets

You can configure:

1) Grid size
Specify exactly how many columns and rows to use (from 3 to 20). Even non square grids (e.g. 12×15) are possible
2) Difficulty settings
Change the difficulty of the puzzles, from easy to very difficult
3) Language
Choose the language of the word list, from a large range of downloadable dictionaries. 36 languages are currently available (see below)
4) Orientation
Can be played in portrait or landscape mode. Just rotate your device and the display adjusts automatically

This app gives you the ultimate power to play the game just the way you want.

Game aids:

1) As words are formed, then valid words are highlighted
2) You can choose to have one or more pieces placed into their correct position at the beginning of the game
3) During the game, you can request a random puzzle piece to be placed into its correct position
4) You can ask the game if a selected puzzle piece is in the correct position

Each game is assigned a difficulty level from 0 (easy) to 9 (very hard). The difficulty level is determined by the settings or the difficulty selector. Each difficulty level maintains the high scores (measured by fastest time to complete the game). The game displays the best 20 scores for each difficulty level.

Other features unique to this app:

1) View the definition of the word from an online dictionary (internet connection required)
2) When you play with a word list in a foreign language, the word definition will (where possible) be in your own language. This is great for language learning!

You can play this app in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Indonesian, Romanian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Slovene, Turkish, Ukrainian, Afrikaans, Albanian, Azeri, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Catalan, Galician, Tagalog
1) New languages: Afrikaans, Albanian, Azeri, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Catalan, Galician, Tagalog
2) The tutorial is now translated into all supported languages
3) Bugfixes

Jigsaw Crossword Screenshot

Jigsaw Crossword  screenshots 1

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CodyCross Crossword Puzzles 1.50.0 APK with MOD

CodyCross Crossword Puzzles APK with MOD

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles APK Download with MOD Free

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles updated.

( )

Game CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles
Category Word
Users Vote 987218

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles – – A new crossword experience
– Challenge yourself with countless puzzles
– Relax while exploring thematic worlds
– Become a trivia master
– Word games reinvented
– Solve puzzles and have fun while you learn
– Enjoy this exclusive crossword gameplay
– Excel at brain games
– A brand-new word game challenge
– Solve crosswords anywhere you are
Join CodyCross, a friendly alien that has crash-landed on Earth and counts on your help to learn about our planet! Travel across space and time as you unveil our planet’s history and humanity’s accomplishments through themed puzzles in this challenging word game.
Solve crosswords and explore beautiful sceneries, use your knowledge and skills in a one-of-a-kind word game, where every correct answer takes you closer to completing the puzzle and revealing the secret word!
– Explore beautifully designed worlds with hundreds of levels to play the best crosswords
– Each world brings new themes and genres that will challenge the wisest of puzzle lovers
– Have some fun while testing your knowledge with brain games
– Innovative gameplay that brings a new twist to crossword puzzles
– Test your language skills through these brain games
– If you get stuck on a question in our word game, use the power-up to reveal a letter
– Solve crosswords to train your brain
– Sync your progress across all devices by connecting to Facebook
– Solve crosswords and play different levels in offline mode if you don’t have internet connection (with limited features)
– You can play tons of puzzles for free on adventure mode or subscribe for special packs in this word game.
About subscription:
– A subscription is offered within the app for enjoying special themed puzzles in your desired difficulty (hard, medium, easy and kids) with fresh new content every week.
Hi friends!

Are you ready for a swashbuckling adventure ?! The latest set of puzzles is inspired by Treasure Island. If you like searching for buried treasure, then this is the challenge for you!

Remember, X marks the spot!

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