Words in Maze Connect Words Game 1.1.1 APK with MOD

Words in Maze – Connect Words Game 1.0.3 APK with MOD

Words in Maze – Connect Words Game APK Download with MOD Free

Words in Maze – Connect Words Game Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Words in Maze – Connect Words Game updated.

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Game Words in Maze – Connect Words Game
Category Word
Users Vote 841
Requires Android 4.4+

Words in Maze – Connect Words Game – Sharpen your mind while having fun are a total match in this new search & connect word game. Play thousands of original word puzzles, in this relaxing and immersive word search game, to improve your lexical IQ.

As a daily 10-minute routine, you will improve your visualization, vocabulary and spelling skills tremendously. While playing, your brain is having fun and is able to create a good environment to learn.

Like a quiz, guess the words related to the theme and find the right spelling. You can focus and connect words in order to complete grids or find bonus words to improve even more.

Easy at start, this fun word search game – from the creators of Garden of Words and Wordox – will bring you challenges every day.

Word lovers, are you ready? Because once you try, you will get stick with Words in Maze!

Working on your vocabulary and spelling the words has never been as fun as in this word game.

Simply connect words to complete the maze (and free some coins in doing so). Easy at first, it gets challenging fast. How far can you go?

– THOUSANDS OF ORIGINAL PUZZLES. Play over 1,000 grids and more to come
– GAME AVAILABLE IN 4 LANGUAGES. English, Italian, French and German.
– LEXICAL IQ. Brain activity, Lexical agility, Visualization and Vocabulary. Compare your performance with that of other regular players over the last 7 days.
– MISSIONS & ACHIEVEMENTS. Every day, you have a fun mission to complete as well as several goals to achieve.
– BEAUTIFUL ANIMATED BACKGROUNDS. Collect stars to get new animated backgrounds. Unlock them all!
– BONUS WORDS = MORE STARS. Earn more stars in finding bonus words (at a rate of 5 words for 1 star).
– MULTIPLE REWARDS. Coins, power-ups, animated backgrounds, fun or yet skills improvement. There are many rewards in Words in Maze.
– POWER-UPS. Use the Hint or Compass (spending some coins) to get a little help if you need.
– DOUBLE STARS BONUS. With a short ad video, you can double the stars you earn at each level, to give you a boost.
– WEEKLY & ALL-TIME LEADERBOARDS. Try to rank higher than your friends and challenge the best word game lovers.
– QUIZ: Answer correctly 4 times in-a-row to get a reward!
– NO WIFI OR INTERNET NEEDED. Play offline and get an update on leaderboards as soon as you get connected.
– Quiz: Answer correctly 4 times in-a-row to get a reward!
– Misc improvements & fixes
Every version brings improvements and various fixes according to your invaluable feedback. Thank you for that and don’t forget to update your game!

Words in Maze – Connect Words Game Screenshot

Words in Maze - Connect Words Game 1.0.3 screenshots 1

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대국민 끝말잇기 – 온라인 대결 6.6 APK with MOD

– APK with MOD

대국민 끝말잇기 – 온라인 대결 APK Download with MOD Free

대국민 끝말잇기 – 온라인 대결 Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of 대국민 끝말잇기 – 온라인 대결 updated.

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Game 대국민 끝말잇기 – 온라인 대결
Category Word
Users Vote 1368

대국민 끝말잇기 – 온라인 대결 – 그 동안은 단순히 컴퓨터랑 하는 끝말잇기였죠. 단순하고, 한방단어에 쉽게 무너지는..

이제는 다른 사람과 직접 대결하는 거에요. 나의 수준은 얼마나 될까요? 나의 세계 랭킹은?

도전해 보세요. 머리가 좋아지는 게임. 한글 공부가 되는 게임.

* 게임 방법
– 끝말잇기에 사용하는 단어는 우리말샘사전에 있는 명사만 가능
– 알파가 제시한 단어의 제일 끝 낱말로 시작하는 단어를 말하는 게임
– 대결은 다른 사람과 대결하고, 승패에 따라 트로피와 골드를 얻을 수 있음
– 연습은 혼자 컴퓨터와 대결하며, 트로피나 골드가 없음
– 단순한 끝말잇기가 아니라, 카드형식의 아이템을 사용할 수 있음
– 공격카드를 사용하면, 상대를 불리하게 만들 수 있음
– 수비카드를 사용하면, 내가 아는 단어가 없을 때, 다양하게 극복할 수 있음

* 게임 특징
– 노약자에게는 치매 예방이 되는 게임
– 임산부에게는 태교가 되는 게임
– 유료 구매 없는 게임

개발자 연락처 :
In the meantime it was simply an end to the computer. Simple, easily broken in one word.

Now you’re confronting someone directly. What is my level? What is my world ranking?

Try to challenge A game that makes your head better. Hangul study game.

* How to play
-Words used at the end of the word can only be nouns in the Korean dictionary
-A word-speaking game that starts with the last word of the word suggested by Alpha
-Confrontation can be played against other people, and depending on the victory or loss, you can get trophies and gold
-Practice against the computer alone, no trophy or gold
-You can use card-type items, not just endings
-If you use attack card, you can make opponent unfavorable
-Defensive card, you can overcome a variety of words when I do not know

* Game Features
-Dementia prevention game for the elderly
-Prenatal game for pregnant women
-Paid games

Thank you.
– 디자인과 게임 방식이 확~ 진정한 업데이트가 되었어요.
– 단어 사전이 추가 되었어요. 한방단어로 무조건 승리할 수 있어요.

대국민 끝말잇기 – 온라인 대결 Screenshot

대국민 끝말잇기 - 온라인 대결  screenshots 1

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Mots Malins Jeu de mots pro 2.8.0 APK with MOD

Mots Malins APK with MOD

Mots Malins APK Download with MOD Free

Mots Malins Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Mots Malins updated.

( #HerzlichenGlückwunsch #Heureusement #heutejournal #Hillsborough #HockeyVM #Holocaust #Huni #HV71 #Hyresgästförbundet #Ibai #Ibaka #Ibra #Ideologie #IGotVaccinatedAnd #IIHFWorlds #ilpuntoz #ImpfempfehlungfürKinder #Impfung #IndependenceDay #Ingrid #innovation #InstA #Inzaghi #Inzidenz #iPhone #Ireland #Isabeau #Isabella #IStandWithEthanBear #JackCampbell #Jagger #JaiJamaisRéussiÀ #JamesBond #Jarry #jean- )

Game Mots Malins
Category Word
Users Vote 25503

Mots Malins – Vous êtes à la recherche d’un nouveau jeu de mots croisés? Vous recherchez une activité stimulante pour aiguiser votre esprit? Jouez à Mots Malins et commencez votre voyage vers la maîtrise des mots!
Pourquoi choisir Mots Malins?
– Facile à jouer! Il suffit de faire glisser et relier des lettres pour trouver des mots dans des anagrammes.
– Profitez d’un puzzle de mots classique. Les blocs de lettres tombent en cascade au fur et à mesure que vous devinez correctement!
– Mettez les autres, ainsi que vous-même, au défi en faisant des piles de lettres croisées pour devenir le meilleur maître des mots!
– De belles images naturelles accompagnent chaque niveau, vous transportant doucement vers un autre monde.
– Jouez hors ligne, n’importe où et n’importe quand, sans WIFI!
– Divertissez vos amis et votre famille avec ce nouveau jeu fantastique. Deviner des mots ensemble est aussi amusant que de jouer seul!
– Mettez votre cerveau et votre vocabulaire au défi. Ce jeu de mots croisés est facile au début et devient rapidement un défi!
– Chaque semaine, de nouveaux puzzles sont ajoutés pour entraîner votre cerveau et vous amuser à l’infini!
Alors ne cherchez pas plus loin pour votre nouveau passe-temps favori! Avec Mots Malins, vous pouvez améliorer votre vocabulaire tout en vous amusant, seul ou avec vos amis!
Nous serions ravis de connaître votre avis, si vous avez des questions ou des suggestions, vous pouvez nous contacter via notre service clientèle par e-mail :
[email protected]
Ou suivez notre page Facebook pour partager votre expérience de jeu avec d’autres personnes à l’adresse https://www.facebook.com/Mots-Malins-112472157265559/
Nouvelle mise à jour pour Mots Malins:

– Ajouter 400 niveaux
– Nouveaux Niveaux ajoutés
– Nouvel Évènement: Roue de Fortune
– Nouvel Évènement: Passe Royale
– Cadres d’Avatar
– Performances optimisées

Amusez-vous bien!

Mots Malins Screenshot

Mots Malins  screenshots 1

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Alice’s Resort – Word Puzzle Game 1.1.13 APK with MOD

Alices Resort – Word Puzzle Game APK with MOD

Alice’s Resort – Word Puzzle Game APK Download with MOD Free

Alice’s Resort – Word Puzzle Game Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Alice’s Resort – Word Puzzle Game updated.

( )

Game Alice’s Resort – Word Puzzle Game
Category Word
Users Vote 93

Alice’s Resort – Word Puzzle Game – Alice’s Resort is a BRAND-NEW relaxing word game with interesting stories with Alice and her friends. Based on the classic word search or crossword gameplay, it allows you to enjoy thousands of challenging word cross puzzles in your hand.

You’re a newly appointed manager of the hotel, and also the leader of Alice and Grace’s team. When you heard the news that the resort would be closed, Alice asked you and Grace for help. You are decided to make plans to renovate and regain the glory of the resort…

➤ Highlights

You can collect resources during the game, renovate and redesign the island hotel to restore the former glory of the resort.
Explore the mysterious island by complete the various activities during the process of the game.
During the process of renovation and exploration, the dusty past stories will be unveiled. More characters with distinctive personalities will also will appear.
All the great moments on the island will be captured by the “Camera” and saved as treasured memory photos.

Addictive word puzzle games based on classic gameplay.
Creative and unique story based on running a resort on a mysterious island.
Nice & Clear gaming graphics and user interfaces.
Thousands of word puzzles are ready for you to challenge.

Constantly find out correct words to make “Combos”.
A “Bulb” helps you to find a word at a time.
A “Firecracker” helps you find a letter in a certain block.
A “Lightning” helps you to find 5 letters in different blocks.

Pass more levels to unlock themes.
Challenge to find “Extra Words” as many as possible.
Collect more items and themes for decoration.
More characters and various themes are waiting for you to discover.

➤ How to Play

– Swipe from one letter to another to line up words on the board vertically or horizontally
– Use a certain booster (such as “Shuffle”, “Lightning”, “Firecracker”, “Bulb”) for help when you get stuck
– Challenge to find all the hidden “Extra Words” as many as possible
– Purchasing items to decorate and renovate the restaurant
– Share to your friends for help when you get stuck

➤ Contact Us
[email protected]

Do you want to play word games’ challenges with a unique island resort theme?
Here is a CHANCE for you to experience an exciting exploration with word search puzzles! You’ll never have a dull moment after you try these addicting word puzzles!
★★★★★ NOW, you can DOWNLOAD & PLAY it for FREE! ★★★★★
– Optimized visual graphics & user interfaces
– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Alice’s Resort – Word Puzzle Game Screenshot

Alice's Resort - Word Puzzle Game  screenshots 1

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Word Connect 4.908.328 APK with MOD

Word Connect APK with MOD

Word Connect APK Download with MOD Free

Word Connect Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Word Connect updated.

( #FrenchGP #Frieden #FriedeSeiMitDir #Frydenberg #fseenlucha #Fürth #Fussball #Fyfe #Gabby #Gaia #Gävle #Gaza #Gaza_Under_Attack #GazaUnderAttack #GCWDRAFTDAY #GeorgeSquare #Giulia #Gladbach #Godmorgon #Godnatt #GoodSunday #Gothenburg #gräfe #Grundlage #Grundy #Guna #GutenMorgenCorinna #GutenMorgenihrLieben #GutenMorgenJörg #HailMary #HallOfFame #Hamas #HarryKane #HarryStyles #harrystyles )

Game Word Connect
Category Word
Users Vote 982656

Word Connect – 💕Do you enjoy the excitement of classic word games? Are you a real puzzle game master? DOWNLOAD Word Connect for FREE! Start your word story and enjoy the brainstorm NOW! 💕

Simply swipe the letter blocks and build words to collect coins! Find the clues to solve the crossword puzzles! DOWNLOAD Word Connect NOW to begin training your brain and become a word master!

It’s time to uncover hidden words and build as many words as possible! Come and begin your word story!

What makes Word Connect so special?

• Authoritative Dictionaries! The game is powered by Oxford Dictionaries.
• Addictive gameplay! Simply swipe the letters to build words!
• Tons of words! 13596 levels in total await!
• Different Modes! You can choose from normal mode, crossword mode and the daily challenge! Come and solve different puzzles!
• Daily Bonuses! Log in every day to play exciting daily puzzles to collect big bonuses!
• Alternative Themes! Up to 11 cool themes for you to choose from!
• Vintage Style! Our wooden block graphics will bring back nostalgic childhood memories!
• Hidden Bonus! Extra words are waiting to be discovered! Find extra words to collect bigger bonuses!
• Play Together! Ask your family members and friends for help to solve the puzzles and send coins to each other on Facebook!
• No time limits! You can use your time wisely to find new words at your own pace!
• Level List! Want to check previous levels? Go back to the Level List and play again!
• Offline Mode! No wifi? Don’t worry, you can play Word Connect anytime, anywhere even without a network connection!
• Multiple Choices! Supported on both phone and tablet.

Word Connect is an app designed to train your brain and learn new words all while having a great time. Share the fun with your family & friends and enjoy Word Connect together!

This year, we are going to have a series of updates to bring you a better game experience! Get ready for the new era of Word Connect and enjoy your own word story!
Happy 4th Anniversary from Word Connect and New Update!

1. The 4th Anniversary event is here! From May 10th to 16th:
– Log in and join our 4th Anniversary event to celebrate the 4th birthday of Wort Guru!
– Don’t miss out on our 4th Anniversary sale!
– Check out our store for more deals!

2. Take on the challenge of 300 new levels!

Thank you for your support and have fun playing!

Word Connect Screenshot

Word Connect  screenshots 1

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Teka-teki Kata 1.6102 APK with MOD

Ordspill APK with MOD

Ordspill APK Download with MOD Free

Ordspill Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Ordspill updated.

( )

Game Ordspill
Category Word
Users Vote 4751

Ordspill – Ord er grunnlaget når man skal lære norsk. Du kan bruke Word Shatter til å memorere og øve deg på å stave ord. Det sterke spillet med kirsebærblomst-tema gjør deg mer oppslukt i spillet. Når du blir lei av den rosa kirsebærhuden, kan du bytte til en annen hud. Dette vil gi deg flere visuelle overraskelser.

Hvordan man spiller:

– Dra over de valgte bokstavene vannrett eller loddrett for å lage et ord.
– Om de valgte bokstavene kan bli satt sammen til et ord i rekkefølge forsvinner de automatisk. Når det valgte uttrykket forsvinner, vil blokkene over falle ned.
– Følg nøye med på teksten på disse boksene for å forme ord, dette kan hjelpe deg eliminere boksene for å gå videre til neste nivå raskere.

Dette er et ordspill som faktisk er sjeldnere enn det ser ut som. Mer enn 2000 nivåer for deg. Hvor langt kan du gå?

Tilbakemeldingen din er det som betyr mest! Vi har gjort noen nødvendige forbedringer på spillet slik at du kan nyte favorittpuslespill-appen din enda mer!
Words are the basis when learning Norwegian. You can use Word Shatter to memorize and practice spelling words. The strong cherry-flower-themed game makes you more immersed in the game. When you get tired of the pink cherry skin, you can switch to another skin. This will give you more visual surprises.

How to play:

– Drag over the selected letters horizontally or vertically to create a word.
– If the selected letters can be put together into a word in order, they disappear automatically. When the selected expression disappears, the blocks above will fall down.
– Pay close attention to the text on these boxes to form words, this can help you eliminate the boxes to move on to the next level faster.

This is a pun that is actually rarer than it seems. More than 2000 levels for you. How far can you go?

Your feedback is what matters most! We’ve made some necessary improvements to the game so you can enjoy your favorite puzzle app even more!

Ordspill Screenshot

Ordspill  screenshots 1

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Дуэль Художников Игры по сети 4.7.3 APK with MOD

APK with MOD

Дуэль Художников: Игры по сети APK Download with MOD Free

Дуэль Художников: Игры по сети Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Дуэль Художников: Игры по сети updated.

( )

Game Дуэль Художников: Игры по сети
Category Word
Users Vote 10373

Дуэль Художников: Игры по сети – Если вам нравится играть с друзьями в рисовалку Крокодил, то вам понравится рисовать в этой онлайн игре с соперниками. Не обязательно быть выдающимся художником, достаточно проявить фантазию для объяснения загаданного слова в социальной игре по сети для рисования.

Доступные режимы игры:
– Интересные онлайн игры со случайным игроком;
– Дуэль с игроком через поиск по имени;
– Игра с друзьями ВК;
– Одиночная игра, в которой можно только угадывать слова, нарисованные кем-то;
– Режим тренировки – рисовать для души.

Люди создают друг другу из рисунков удивительные загадки, ребусы и шарады, которые позволяют угадать слово по подсказкам.
Игра на двоих по сети, однако вы можете создать дуэли с 35-ю игроками одновременно. Таким образом вам некогда будет скучать!
Бесплатная игра с друзьями из ВК. Привяжите свой аккаунт социальной сети к игровому профилю, и вы увидите всех друзей, кто также принимает участие в игровых дуэлях. Приглашайте друзей и играйте вместе в эту онлайн игру, напоминающую крокодил, это забавно!

Главные особенности рисовалки:
– Онлайн игра со случайным игроком или с друзьями из ВК;
– Аватар игрока загружается из ВК при его привязке;
– Приобретение за монеты дополнительных цветов, чтобы рисовать точнее и красочнее;
– Рейтинг игроков – всегда интересно следить за своими успехами;
– Статистика вашего творчества;
– Подсказки для упрощения игры;
– Одновременная игра с 35 соперниками;
– Жалобы на игроков, если они пишут ответ вместо рисования или ведут себя нецензурно, а также их ник содержит оскорбления;
– Возможность сохранить свое творчество в галерею рисунков;
– Лента рисунков – это рейтинг рисунков, в котором можно посмотреть опубликованные другими людьми шедевры;
– Событие дня – игрокам дается тема дня. Художники рисуют одно и то же слово, а остальные определяют лучшего из них.

Игра бесплатная, поэтому в ней присутствует реклама. После любой покупки игровой валюты реклама в игре будет отключена.
Играйте с друзьями, докажите что вы рисуете лучше их!
If you like to play Crocodile drawing with your friends, then you will love to draw in this online game with rivals. It is not necessary to be an outstanding artist, it is enough to show imagination to explain the hidden word in a social game on the network for drawing.

Available game modes:
– Interesting online games with a random player;
– Duel with the player through search by name;
– Playing with VK friends;
– A single player game in which you can only guess the words drawn by someone;
– Workout mode – draw for the soul.

People create amazing riddles, puzzles and charades for each other from drawings, which allow them to guess the word using the clues.
Online game for two, however you can create duels with up to 35 players at the same time. This way you will never get bored!
Free game with friends from VK. Link your social network account to your game profile, and you will see all your friends who also take part in game duels. Invite your friends and play this online crocodile-like game together, it’s fun!

The main features of the drawing:
– Online game with a random player or friends from VK;
– The player’s avatar is loaded from VK when it is linked;
– Purchase of additional colors for coins to paint more accurately and more colorful;
– Rating of players – it is always interesting to keep track of your progress;
– Statistics of your creativity;
– Hints to simplify the game;
– Simultaneous game with 35 opponents;
– Complaints about players if they write an answer instead of drawing or behave obscenely, and their nickname contains insults;
– Ability to save your creativity to the picture gallery;
– Drawings feed is a drawing rating in which you can see masterpieces published by other people;
– Event of the Day – Players are given the theme of the day. The artists draw the same word, and the rest choose the best one.

The game is free, so there are ads in it. After any purchase of game currency, advertising in the game will be disabled.
Play with your friends, prove that you draw better than them!
– скорость работы заливки увеличена на 70%;
– добавлена возможность сохранять рисунок из события дня в свою галерею;
– повторная публикация в ленте рисунков возможна через 4 часа вместо суток и только 5 рисунков в течение этого времени;
– снижены цены: подсказка с 5 до 2 монет, замена слов с 5 до 2 монет, пропуск рисунка в одиночной игре с 15 до 10 монет;
– снижена частота показа межстраничной рекламы;
– если соперник уже выбрал слово, то удаление игры с ним невозможно в течение 2-х часов.

Дуэль Художников: Игры по сети Screenshot

Дуэль Художников: Игры по сети  screenshots 1

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Словесное рагу Слова из букв 2.5 APK with MOD

– APK with MOD

Словесное рагу – Слова из букв APK Download with MOD Free

Словесное рагу – Слова из букв Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Словесное рагу – Слова из букв updated.

( #Haas #Hakenkreuz #Halo3 #Hamilton #hanif #Hansa #HappinessBeginsWith #HeartOfPuissance #Heat #Hibs #Highlander #HockeyVM #HoppSchwiiz #Hornchurch #HotSauce3rdWin #HotTubs #Howe #Huesca #icanseeyourvoice #Iceland #IfJooLoveMe #IIHFWorlds #IIHFWorlds2021 #IMFC #Immunsystem #Ingolstadt #Isco #Island #Islandia #isola #Isolde #Italia #Italien #Italy #JakeFriend #JaMorant #JanDelay #Javi #Jedi #Jenny #JESSI )

Game Словесное рагу – Слова из букв
Category Word
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Словесное рагу – Слова из букв – Играй в составление слов из букв. Например, из четырех букв “О Р Б Д” собери слова БОР, РОД, БРОД. Чем больше количество букв в вашей тарелке, тем сложнее собрать все слова. Если тебе незнакомо какое-либо из угаданных слов, просто нажми на него, и ты получишь пояснение. Таким образом, игра в слова не только поможет натренировать головоломками твой мозг, но и пополнит копилку знаний.

Развивающая игра подходит для всей семьи: игра по поиску слов раскроет для детей богатство языка, а взрослых заставит пошевелить мозгами в долгом поиске слов. Играть, на первый взгляд, очень просто, но это далеко не так! Чем круче ваша смекалка, тем дальше вы сможете пройти по увлекательному пути.

Способы получения монет:
– За каждое угаданное слово;
– Слова под звездочками приносят в два раза больше монет;
– Награды за ежедневное посещение;
– Просмотр коротких видео;
– Награды за достижения;
– Поделившись игрой в социальные сети;
– Вступив в группу игр разработчиков;
– Купив монеты за деньги.

Как угадывать сложные слова:
– Использовать подсказку, открывающую одну букву;
– Перемешать буквы местами – это поможет по-другому посмотреть на набор букв;
-Попросить друзей о помощи, отправив им из игры картинку с заданием.

Словесная игра работает без интернета. Прокачай свой словарный запас, проверь внимательность и смекалку. Огромное количество уровней хватит на то, чтобы скоротать свободное время. В игре присутствует реклама и встроенные покупки.

Редко кому удается пройти затягивающую игру слов. Быть может это будешь ты?!
Play words from letters. For example, from the four letters “O R B D” collect the words BOR, ROD, BROD. The more letters you have on your plate, the more difficult it is to collect all the words. If you are unfamiliar with any of the guessed words, just click on it and you will receive an explanation. Thus, a word game will not only help train your brain with puzzles, but will also replenish your knowledge box.

An educational game suitable for the whole family: the word search game will reveal the richness of the language for children, and make adults wiggle their brains in a long search for words. At first glance, playing is very simple, but this is far from the case! The cooler your ingenuity, the further you can go along the fascinating path.

Ways to get coins:
– For each guessed word;
– Words under the asterisks bring twice as many coins;
– Rewards for daily visits;
– Viewing short videos;
– Awards for achievements;
– By sharing the game on social networks;
– By joining the group of game developers;
– By buying coins for money.

How to guess difficult words:
– Use a hint that opens one letter;
– Shuffle the letters in places – this will help you look at the set of letters in a different way;
-Ask your friends for help by sending them a picture from the game with the task.

The word game works without internet. Improve your vocabulary, test your attentiveness and ingenuity. A huge number of levels will be enough to while away your free time. The game contains ads and in-app purchases.

Few people manage to get through an addictive pun. Perhaps it will be you ?!
Добавлено 200 новых уровней. Всего теперь их 1030.
Желаем вам приятно провести время за подбором слов из букв!

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Угадай слово – Ассоциации 5.6 APK with MOD

– APK with MOD

Угадай слово – Ассоциации APK Download with MOD Free

Угадай слово – Ассоциации Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Угадай слово – Ассоциации updated.

( )

Game Угадай слово – Ассоциации
Category Word
Users Vote 9458

Угадай слово – Ассоциации – Игра в ассоциации поможет вам расшевелить мозги при решении головоломок! Игра на логику, вам нужно угадать слово по 5 ассоциациям, поочередно открывая их, по аналогии с игрой Алиас. Например: по ассоциациям “Звезда”, “Вакуум”, “Вселенная”, “Гагарин” и “Бесконечность” становится понятно, что загадано слово “Космос”. Открывай слова поочередно и как только догадаешься, что загадано, пробуй давать ответ. Чем меньше слов будет открыто, тем больше монет ты сможешь заработать.

Вам встретятся увлекательные и интересные игры в слова. Игра идеально подходит для скоротания времени в метро или в дороге, так как работает без интернета. Также по возрасту игра подходит для взрослых и для детей, для мальчиков и для девочек любых возрастов!

Особенности игры:
– игра, которая мало весит;
– более 3000 уровней;
– 3 вида подсказок: открыть букву, удалить ненужные буквы и открыть слово;
– есть игровые рейтинги и достижения;
– осторожно, развивает логическое мышление;
– возможность игры без интернета;
– 5 слов-ассоциаций: синонимы, части устойчивых выражений, прилагательные и другие слова.

Новые словесные игры периодически добавляются разработчиками. Можно играть в компании друзей.

Монеты в словесной игре можно использовать для получения подсказок. Для упрощения игры есть три подсказки и возможность спросить у друзей.

Способы получения монет:
– Пройденный уровень – +1 монета;
– Каждая закрытая ассоциация – +1 монета;
– Просмотр коротких видео-роликов – 10 монет;
– Вступая в группу по кнопке в магазине монет;
– Совершая покупку одного из пакетов монет.

В словесной игре вас поджидают коварные и хитрые загадки. Уровней хватит вам на долгие часы игры. Угадай слово по подсказке, стань первым в рейтинге игроков и открой все достижения. Игра бесплатная и содержит рекламу, которая отключается после совершения любой внутриигровой покупки.

5 подсказок 1 слово. Угадай слово, развивай смекалку и ассоциативное мышление, приятно проведи время! Интересные игры для ума!

A game of associations will help you to stir your brains when solving puzzles! A game of logic, you need to guess a word by 5 associations, opening them one by one, by analogy with the game Alias. For example: by the associations “Star”, “Vacuum”, “Universe”, “Gagarin” and “Infinity” it becomes clear that the word “Cosmos” is hidden. Open the words one by one and as soon as you guess what is conceived, try to give an answer. The fewer words are revealed, the more coins you can earn.

You will encounter fun and interesting word games . The game is ideal for passing the time on the subway or on the road, as it works without the Internet. Also, by age, the game is suitable for adults and children, for boys and girls of all ages!

Game features:
– a game that weighs little;
– over 3000 levels;
– 3 types of hints: open a letter, delete unnecessary letters and open a word;
– there are game ratings and achievements;
– carefully, develops logical thinking;
– the ability to play without the Internet;
– 5 word associations: synonyms, parts of fixed expressions, adjectives and other words.

New word games are added periodically by the developers. You can play with friends.

Coins in a word game can be used to get hints. To simplify the game, there are three tips and the ability to ask your friends.

Ways to get coins:
– Completed level – +1 coin;
– Each private association – +1 coin;
– Viewing short video clips – 10 coins;
– By joining a group on the button in the coin shop;
– By making a purchase of one of the coin packages.

In the word game, you will find insidious and cunning riddles. There will be enough levels for you for long hours of play. Guess the word using the clue, become the first in the leaderboard and unlock all the achievements. The game is free and contains ads that are disabled after any in-game purchase.

5 tips 1 word. Guess the word, develop your wit and associative thinking, have a nice time! Interesting games for the mind!
– уменьшено количество межстраничной рекламы;
– исправлены технические недочеты.
Приятного угадывания слов по подсказкам!

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Угадай слово - Ассоциации  screenshots 1

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Word Jumble Champion 21.1020.09 APK with MOD

Word Jumble Champion APK with MOD

Word Jumble Champion APK Download with MOD Free

Word Jumble Champion Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of Word Jumble Champion updated.

( )

Game Word Jumble Champion
Category Word
Users Vote 6663


Be part of a world-class Word Jumble Champion tournament to become a true word master! Swipe or tap letters to rearrange them into real words! Challenge different literary masters from around the world in Solo mode or find others in the Champions League!

Play with millions of other real brilliant players around the world!

If you like crossword puzzles or popular word games like Scrabble and Word Cookies, you’ll be addicted to Word Jumble Champion!

► Swipe or tap scrambled letter blocks to rearrange them into making real words!
► Login with your social accounts to challenge other players in the Champions League!

► SOLO mode for training your brain alone & LEAGUE mode to play against your friends & many other players across the globe!
► CHALLENGE your friends in the Champions League & accept their invites to WIN BIG in multiplayer games!
► TIMED PLAY in League mode to further test your skills! Time is ticking; get as many words as possible!
► SIMPLE premise & gameplay, making WORD CHAMPION super easy to pick up!
► Carefully-coordinated LIFELINES, BOOSTERS and CLUES to facilitate your play!
► Select input modes of your choice: SWIPE or TAP the letters.
► Excellent for enhancing & expanding VOCABULARY & SPELLING and emphasizing social gameplay!
► PERFECT game for word puzzle aficionados looking for even more challenges!

• Enjoy Word Champion on mobile phones & tablet PCs.
• Word Champion contains ads varying from banners, interstitials, videos to house ads.
• Word Champion is free to play, however, you may purchase in-app items, such as AD FREE and coins.

We value your feedback! Please ask away!
Please email us at [email protected]

Visit Bitmango for more information

Already a Word Champion’s fan? Like us on Facebook

Privacy Policy

App Permissions

[Required Permissions]
– None

[Optional Permissions]
– Photo / Media / File: required storage access permission to save game data

[Permission setting and withdrawal method]
– Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access
– Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting application
21.0524.09 Update Note :
Bug Fixes and Performance improvements
Have Fun & Enjoy!

Word Jumble Champion Screenshot

Word Jumble Champion  screenshots 1

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