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Game 斗羅大陸
Category Role Playing
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斗羅大陸 – 獲唐家三少正版授權、由華人銷量TOP1實體系列小說改編的同名手機遊戲《斗羅大陸》,不負過億粉絲期待,台港澳下載用戶已突破200萬,長期霸佔Google Play暢銷榜前列!遊戲100%還原小說世界觀與感人劇情,入學史萊克學院,接受最嚴峻的魂師歷練,在超過10萬種武魂與魂環搭配的組合中,找出克制對手的最佳陣容!







Authorized by the , the same-named mobile game “Duo Luo Mainland” adapted from Chinese sales TOP1 entity series novels Over 100 million fans expect that Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau download users have exceeded 2 million, which has long dominated the Google Play top seller list ! The game 100% restored novel worldview and touching plot, enrolled in Shrek Academy, accepted the most severe soul teacher training, in more than 100,000 combinations of martial souls and soul rings, Find the best lineup to restrain your opponent!

—— Game Features ——

☆ Monsters are present every year, and this year is particularly numerous ☆
Do you want to be the strongest soul master in Douluo mainland? Then come to Shrek Academy, which only recruits monsters!
Before entering school, please memorize the Soul Master class table:
Soul Warrior → Soul Master → Great Soul Master → Soul Venerable → Soul Sect → Soul King → Soul Emperor → Soul Saint → Soul Doula → Title Douluo → Demigod → Adult God

☆ Wu Soul without waste, only Soul Master of waste ☆
Tang San’s twin martial spirits “Haotian Hammer” and “Blue Silver Grass”
Mu Bai’s Beast Martial Spirit “White Tiger”
Wu Wu’s Soul of the Little Dance
Ning Rongrong’s Qiwu soul “Qibao Liuli Tower”, etc.
You can awaken many lines of Wuhun, twin Wuhun, and Wuhun mutations!
Even the abolished martial spirit “Blue Silver Grass” can counterattack into a god!

☆ The match of Wuhun and Soul Ring is the most important! ☆
Pursue the soul beast, draw the soul ring from the soul beast
Millennials, centuries, tens of thousands … The higher the year, the stronger the soul ring!
Wuhun and soul ring cleverly match, a variety of soul rings are interlocked
The correct combination of soul rings can stimulate the power of the soul in the soul master!

☆ I ca n’t even trust, can I still be considered a family member? ☆
Reproduce the Shrek’s seven strange feelings, and make teammates in trouble together!
Team up with friends to hunt and kill soul beasts
Take part in the Soul Master Contest and Nine Tests of Poseidon together
Standing at the pinnacle of the world together!

☆ What scares me … only loses you ☆
Tang Hao broke the bones, Xiao Wu sacrificed the soul ring, Tang San took bones for love, and experienced Poseidon Island …
Original immersive comic experience
Reproduce the classic plot, and then touch the tears of fans!

* This game software classification management method is classified as: auxiliary 12 levels.
* This game contains mild violence and sex (characters wear costumes that highlight the chest and hips).
* This game is free to use, and there are also paid services for buying virtual game currency and items.
* Playing games for a long time is easy to affect the normal work and rest, it is appropriate to rest and exercise moderately.

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