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六本木サディスティックナイト APK Download with MOD Free

六本木サディスティックナイト Android Game Download Free with apk and mod file includes unlimited money and coins, All Latest apk file of 六本木サディスティックナイト updated.

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Game 六本木サディスティックナイト
Category Adventure
Users Vote 6714

六本木サディスティックナイト – ※Android 4.4以降の端末に対応しております。






▼鬼川 ナツ

▼東方 ユウキ

▼大場 ミサト

▼蔵重 ミズキ

▼弓長 ハル

▼響 レン

▼栗原 アズサ

◆アプリ提供会社 ボルテージについて◆

【対象OS】Android 4.1~

【非対応OS・端末】Android 2.3、3.0、4.0 など
* Compatible with Android 4.4 or later devices.
“Confront for her”

Celebrities, internationalization, clubs, lounges, the entertainment world, IT companies, and the underworld.
In the city with the most faces in Japan, there was a “team” consisting only of beautiful women who could solve frequent troubles without knowing it.
“We need you”
You suddenly become the leader of a “team” in the wake of a certain incident.
Can you challenge the case while being tossed by beautiful women and rescue your beloved woman? ??
◆ How to play ◆
The game is very easy to proceed!

1. A story that appeals to your instincts!
You can continue reading the story with the story pass that is given free of charge every day.
The story being delivered is 900 STEP or more! Read the overwhelming volume of the story!

2. Various multi-ending!
Turning points (choices) occur in the middle of the story.
Different endings will occur depending on the result of your selection! ?? Don’t miss all the endings!

3. Many beautiful women have appeared!
More than 30 people, more than 150 kinds of members , let’s find your favorite beauty!
Form your favorite team and play against other players! Strategy with skills and team skills, aim to be the No. 1 player!

4. High speed battle!
Team up with your favorite beauties and take on the challenge of high-speed battles!
BOSS also appears in the story! Defeat BOSS , increase your experience points in battles every day!
◆ Character introduction ◆

▼ Natsu Onikawa
A student at the school where the main character works. Basically, she is a cool girl who has few words and does not show changes in her emotions, but she has a surprisingly romantic constitution.

▼ Yuuki Toho
Worked at the same high school as the main character. While interacting with students with their own sense of justice, they often come out with nature. It’s not flashy, but the strength of the core is attractive.

▼ Misato Oba
He is so generous that he has never seen an angry place. A reliable older sister character who is highly trusted by the members.

▼ Mizuki Kurashige
Cool beauty with almost no emotion. However, the actual sensitivity is rich just by not knowing how to express emotions. If you are angry or dislike it, you will be mistaken for it.

▼ Yunaga Hull
Innocence is the greatest weapon, and you can easily talk with anyone. It’s sociable, but it doesn’t really speak out.

▼ Hibiki Ren
Former Yang. The members have earned the trust of the members because they are courageous and have no front and back to say things clearly. He is impatient and troublesome, but he refuses to ask because of his companionship.

▼ Azusa Kurihara
If you think you should stand modestly, take bold action and make sure that you have the best chance here. A hidden carnivorous group that does not miss the target prey.
◆ Recommended users ◆
・ I like movies, dramas, romance novels, and suspense.
・ I like card games
・ I like RPG games
・ I like bishoujo games and gal games
・ I like training simulation games
・ I like gacha and battle ・ I want to have a romance with a beautiful girl or a gal
・ I want to enjoy a romance simulation game ・ I want to play a battle game for free
・ I usually like free games
・ I want to be cool in battle
・ I’m interested in the night world of Roppongi

Also recommended for all men.
New sense RPG! The definitive suspense app!
◆ About the application provider Voltage ◆
Voltage Co., Ltd. provides a story-type content “drama app” that can be easily enjoyed on mobile devices under the theme of “drama of love and battle”.
Currently, more than 100 titles are distributed and are played all over the world.
In addition, in 2015, we started distributing a “suspense app” that men can enjoy, and more people can enjoy story-type content.
Voltage will continue to strive to produce high-quality content.

[Target OS] Android 4.1 ~
* If you update to the latest OS, you can use this application more comfortably.

[Non-compatible OS / device] Android 2.3, 3.0, 4.0, etc.


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