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Game マーダーミステリーアプリ「ウズ」
Category Role Playing
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マーダーミステリーアプリ「ウズ」 – ウズはいつでもマーダーミステリーゲームが遊べる通話機能つきアプリです。ゲームは自動で進行されるため、このアプリひとつで、プレイヤーの募集から感想戦まで完結!

This app is for Japanese speakers only, thank you.





1. 開始時間を決めてイベントを作成する。
2. 他のユーザーがそのイベントに対して参加する。
3. 参加者が集まり、イベント開始時間になったら全員でゲームを開始する。




– 3人の刑事と3つの事件
– 朝露からの手紙
– バード将軍の死
– ダマンファミリー
– 男爵主催のお食事会
– 毒リンゴの虚実
– 学院魔女裁判
– Gibbeted Ghost〜吊られた亡霊〜
– 五色沼一族殺人事件
– 歯車セカイ
– HOTEL Clue to Magic
– 事件は朝日とともに
– 加賀っ奏
– 健太くんちの消えた高級プリン
– キヨスの会議
– Miss Murderの事件簿〜沈黙のホテルで四重奏を〜
– オカルト研には手を出すな!
– 幼さの答え合わせ
– ペットは何も喋らない
– 三角船の中の嵐
– 千秋楽の殺人
– 四十九日目の真相
– 四季の島
– 死者の湯加減
– Smoker’s Panic
– 数寄を殺すにゃまず器から
– UFO研究サークル殺人事件
– 闇に滴る
– 四人の名探偵
– 雪山に咲く一輪の花
Uz is an app with a call function that allows you to play Murder mystery games at any time. Since the game progresses automatically, this app completes everything from recruiting players to impression battles!

This app is for Japanese speakers only, thank you.

[What is Murder Mystery Game]

Murder mystery games are like a multiplayer story-telling wolf game. Various types of incidents occur during the game. Participants in the game become characters in the story, collaborate with other players and get to the bottom of the story. Some players may have caused the incident. The criminal player must avoid being suspicious of himself. Other than the criminal, some players may be trying to hide. It is a game that you can enjoy whether you can reach the truth of the incident while the players’ mutual thoughts are mixed.

[How to use this app]

With this app, you can recruit people to play Murder Mystery together and actually play. When recruiting, select the game and start time and wait for the players to get together. When you participate, you can apply for participation in the recruitment that someone has already done.

1. Set a start time and create an event.
2. Other users participate in the event.
3. When the participants get together and it’s time to start the event, everyone starts the game.

When it’s time to start playing. The game progresses in real time, so you can’t be late or skip the game. Follow the instructions for each step and proceed.

[Posted Madamis]

The works of famous Madamis authors and original works are posted. This app was released with 3 works, but currently 30 works are posted. We plan to add more and more in the future!

–Three detectives and three cases
–Letter from morning dew
–General Bird’s death
–Daman family
–Baron-sponsored dinner
–The truth of poisoned apples
–Gakuin Witch Trial
–Gibbeted Ghost ~ Suspended Ghost ~
–Goshikinuma clan murder case
–Gear Sekai
–Hotel Clue to Magic
–The incident is with the Asahi
–Kenta-kun’s disappeared luxury pudding
–Kiyosu Meeting
–Miss Murder’s Casebook-Quartet at a Silence Hotel-
–Don’t touch the Occult Lab!
–Matching the answers of youth
–Pets don’t speak anything
–Storm in the triangular ship
–Chiakiraku’s murder
–The truth of the 49th day
–Four Seasons Island
–The hot water of the dead
–Smoker’s Panic
――First of all, from the vessel to kill Sakuyori
–UFO Research Circle Murder Case
–Dripping in the darkness
–Four great detectives
–A single flower blooming in the snowy mountains

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